More Ice Time

Some of the biggest challenges in sled hockey come OFF the ice. Ice time is a precious commodity. The longer it takes a team to leave the ice, the earlier the team has to start the process. Most ice rinks have rubber flooring in the halls that protect skate blades – but it poses a significant hazard for volunteers who try to drag sleds and players across it. Without moving players away from the door as they come off the ice, the clot forms and traffic comes to a standstill – and the clock runs…

Sled Hockey Chariot

Our new Sled Hockey Chariot and Handle remove the bend, stoop, and drag from player movement. The Chariot rolls under the sled tubes, and as the front end of the sled is lifted, the tubes engage the Chariot – and the drag becomes a roll. The Handle inserts in the front of the sled and allows lifting and pulling without bending. Now players can be rolled away from the logjam rinkside to better spaces for transfers. With 2 or 3 Chariots, a little choreography and practice, your entire team can clear the ice in less than 2 minutes – giving you every minute possible ON the ice.


Sled Hockey Chariot Instructions