Sled Hockey Chariot


Step 1

With the sled on a flat surface, place the Chariot under the back end of the side tubes, with the red arrows pointing forward. Slide the Chariot forward until the back bar contacts the end of the side tubes.


Note: if the side tubes are too low for the Chariot to slide under them, lean the sled slightly to one side while rolling the Chariot forward, then lean the sled the opposite direction and roll the other side forward. If a pusher is attached to the sled, allow the back bar to rotate down while pushing forward on the Chariot until it is as far forward as it can go. It may be helpful to have the pusher push down on the pusher handle while moving the player on the Chariot to help keep the Chariot in place.

Step 2

Insert the bottom end of the Handle into the front edge of the foot platform. Push the handle back towards the players feet until the vertical tube on the handle contacts the foot ring, then lift. The upper tabs on the handle should be between the bottom of the players feet and the foot ring. To release, push down on the handle and pull forward.


Helpful hints: The higher the front of the sled is lifted, the more secure the Chariot is. If you have a threshold or bump to roll over, lift the nose higher to prevent the Chariot from disengaging. Also, tell the player to put their hands & sticks in their lap. If they try to help by pushing with their sticks, the wheels may run into the sticks and dislodge the Chariot. Relax and enjoy the ride!


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