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Our Universal Paddling Seat was designed with one purpose in mind: to open the sport of paddling to everyone. Regardless of the level of support needed, the seat provides as much or as little as a paddler needs.

Originating in a joint venture with Peter Axelson and Beneficial Designs (beneficialdesigns.com), the seat has grown from a canoe specific design to a fully customizable back support with multiple base options for use in various types of watercraft and exercise equipment

The main structure of the seat is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, with thermoformed cushion bases. The cushions are closed-cell foam encased in Cordura and pack cloth nylon. All parts are proudly manufactured and assembled in Minnesota.

The back structure consists of pelvic, lateral, lumbar, and upper-back supports. The back has several vertical adjustments to fit different torso lengths and types.

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The upper unit (the upper-back rest and laterals) can be adjusted independently or removed completely, for those who don't need the high-level support. The lateral pads also can be used with or without the upper backrest, and the upper backrest can be inverted for wider support at the top of the seat. The pelvic and lateral supports adjust in width making it possible to dial in the seat to specific needs quickly and easily.

The tilt adjust of the back structure allows the paddler's center of gravity to shift rearward far enough to enable those with minimal or no abdominal support to paddle (we never recommend ANY belt or strap that would prevent easy wet exits in the event of a capsize). All of the adjustments are made with the use of quick-release pins for easy fitting – even while on the water.

The canoe/outrigger version of the seat comes with a clamping mechanism that allows the seat to be quickly mounted to any flat bench seat. It also includes a seat pan that can be tilted for seat “dump”, and holds a seat cushion (we ship the seat with a Jackson Sweet Cheeks 200 cushion as standard equipment).

Our standard kayak mount is tailored to Current Designs kayaks. We also stock mounts for popular kayaks seating systems like the Wilderness Systems Phase 3 and Extrasport seats (found on most Old Town & Necky kayaks). We also build custom seat bases and custom racing seats. Three medalists in the 2009 World Sprint Kayak Championships in Nova Scotia were using our seats.

We also make multiple mounts for rowing & kayaking ergometers for either fixed or rolling seats. These seats also incorporate the canoe seat pan & cushion. Call us for details.